Alternative Energy – 6 New Concepts You Would Want to Know About

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Offshore Wind FarmThere has been a continuous effort to minimize atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct from burning fossils. More and more alternative energy sources had been discovered in an effort to save the environment from impending destruction related to the use of fossil fuels as energy source. These discoveries are quite promising. Here are some of them:
1. Algae Fuel. As the name itself suggests, algae fuel came from algae. The biomass and oxygen byproducts of algae during photosynthesis can be useful energy sources. Furthermore, algae biofuel may be produced industrially, without the need for a land or food crops. It is also proven to yield more oil than other biofuel sources.
2. Biogas Digestion. This involves utilization of the methane gas released by waste breakdown. The methane gas is collected from sewage systems and garbage through the use of biogas digesters. The collected gas is then refined and used as an energy source.
3. Biomass Briquettes. A very good substitute for charcoal, wherein plant matter is converted into compressed briquettes. The briquettes contain 70% the value of charcoal.
4. Biological Hydrogen Production. This involves the use of biological vectors like algae (more common) and bacteria. This process requires single-celled organisms to be placed in an anaerobic environment. Without oxygen, cellular respiration can’t take place and fermentation takes over. Hydrogen gas is its major byproduct. However, large-scale production of hydrogen gas through this process was hard. Researchers have developed a process to keep the cells alive in the year 2000. A meticulous work is being made to guarantee a well-organized process before large-scale productions will be pushed through. Once a mechanism is established, this production would absolutely meet our energy needs.
5. Offshore wind. The mechanism involved in generating energy is the same as regular wind farms. The only difference is that offshore wind farms are placed in the ocean. Since there are no trees, hills, or building to hinder, this technique doubles the energy generated from the wind turbines. There are more wind resources in deeper waters, thus more advanced floating wind turbines were developed just for the purpose.
6. Marine and Hydrokinetic Power. This energy is generated through the utilization of waves and marine currents. Different types of water turbines were strategically placed in deep marine waters, in open coastal and estuarine areas, and in fast-moving rivers so as to harness as much marine energy as these devices can possibly get.
For these alternative energy resources to become main stream, there should be a full comprehension of how these alternative energies work.